Give and manage money with the True Link Prepaid Visa® Card

While your loved one is in recovery, you want nothing more than to encourage their independence without having to worry about their safety. True Link is here to help. The True Link Prepaid Visa Card is a reloadable prepaid Visa card that enables you to provide funds to a family member or friend in a secure, transparent fashion. You determine when, where, and how much money can be spent, while your loved one is able to purchase what they need safely.


  • Decide where the card works
  • Easily load funds onto the card
  • Receive helpful notifications
  • Prevent setbacks on the path to recovery

The Lodge at Delray Beach is not affiliated with the Next Step Card, nor are we involved in the monitoring or management of any resident’s finances that uses the card. We are only providing a reference to it as a resource that may be useful to some in early recovery.