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Posted by on in Addiction

Without much debate, you could proclaim that Delray Beach is one of the best beach towns in Florida if not the entire country. Mix together the amazing restaurants, the fantastic galleries and those miles of pristine beaches and you've got a perfect recipe for total rest and relaxation. Perhaps that's why Delray Beach has earned a reputation for a positive recovery experience. Many folks who are struggling with addiction issues are making the trek to Delray Beach for the transition between rehab and sober living. That transition is facilitated in serene halfway houses like The Lodge. Could this be the next step on your road to recovery? 

The Ideal Setting

There is a reason why so many folks want to retire to Florida. Simply put, it's the weather. Delray Beach is no exception with days full of bountiful sunshine and warm breezes. This is exactly the kind of environment that will help foster a positive sober living experience. It's hard to stay in a funk when you're surrounded by blue skies all the time. A daily walk to the beaches will provide plenty of positive affirmation by connecting you to nature and a higher purpose in the universe. That's not an exaggeration. Anyone who comes off the Delray Beach feels a whole lot better! 

Embracing Sober Living 

Just because you're living in amazing surroundings doesn't mean the struggle to break free of the hold of addiction is going to be a walk in the park. You're still facing some challenging times ahead. However, it is the community support you'll get in a that can provide you with the tools you'll need to get your life back on track. 

Are you ready for sober living in Delray Beach? Keep these helpful tips in mind:

• Establish New Routines

You need to find substitutes for bad behavior triggers. Many folks in recovery have found that developing a new physical activity routine is a terrific way to stay in shape and refocus your energies and thoughts. What could be better than a morning and evening stroll along the Delray Beach? Once you get into the habit of talking these walks (and maybe jogs?) you can bring that routine back to wherever you'll be living. It might be hard to say good-bye to Delray Beach but at least you'll have that imagine of the beaches in mind for your future meditations. 

• Make New Friends

You're sober now which means you should surround yourself with like-minded individuals. There might come a time when you can go back to your old friends but during this important transition period it is vital that you make new connections with the kind of people who can provide the support you need. These would be the very same people you'll be living with at your Delray Beach halfway house. There is no promise that your new housemates will become friends for life but you never know! 

• Keep Working the Program 

By the time you make it to Delray Beach for your stay at a halfway house you will have already become familiar with how to work your recovery program. Despite what it might look like, you're not on vacation. You still need to work that program. You'll just be working it in a little slice of paradise! 

Posted by on in Recovery


A halfway house offers a residential solution for those who need additional support during their recovery from drugs or alcohol. While some people may stay at a halfway house as a condition of a court order, others choose to enter one at the beginning of their recovery so that they can be surrounded by others who are committed to sober living. In addition to providing a place for people to stay, halfway houses also offer many services that can aid a person during their progress toward recovery. If you are wondering what is a halfway house, then here is everything you need to know about how one can help you recover from an addiction.

Who Stays in a Halfway House?
People come to a halfway house from all different walks of life. When learning more about what is a halfway house, many people are surprised to discover the diversity of residents that stay in halfway house programs. While some halfway houses are designated for a specific gender, others offer housing with separate quarters for men and women. Although the people staying in a house may come from diverse backgrounds, the one thing everyone has in common is a commitment to a sober lifestyle.

Why Would Someone Choose a Halfway House?
Once a person knows what is a halfway house, they are interested in learning about the benefits offered by these homes versus traditional housing. Generally, a person will choose a halfway house out of a desire to live within a group of people who prefer a sober lifestyle. Finding out more about what is a halfway house an enable a person to choose this type of living arrangement for the treatment options that are available along with the benefits that come with living in a sober environment. In a halfway house, there is no need to worry about being exposed to things that could trigger your addiction.

What Services Do They Provide?
Among the many things that go into describing what is a halfway house, it is important to note that each one offers many services that can be beneficial during recovery. For example, a halfway house may offer in-patient treatment programs along with detox services. It is also common for them to offer job training and employment programs to assist residents with rebuilding their lives after recovery. Staying in a halfway house also offers residents an opportunity to socialize with others during therapy session and house activities that foster a healthy environment.

What is a Halfway House Going to Expect Out of Residents?
Knowing more about what is a halfway house going to expect from the people in its program is helpful for making your decision. Policies against possession of drugs or alcohol are always in place to protect residents. There will also be expectations regarding curfew, avoidance of violent behavior and profanity along with assigned chores. For those in the process of recovery, every expectation is designed to maintain a safe environment that will help you to overcome your addiction.

Knowing more about what is a halfway house is only the first step. Once you have decided that a halfway house is right for you, you will be ready to choose the right one. Schedule an appointment with a halfway house representative that can explain more about what is a halfway house so that you can begin to take the next step toward sober living.
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