3/4 House Requirements

3/4 House Requirements:

Welcome and Congratulations to the next chapter of your journey! We are so glad you are here. The following is a list of our expectations while you are a resident.  These requirements are necessary for your continued residence at The Lodge ¾ home.

  • NO drugs or alcohol on property.
  • REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION​: Successful completion of an approved 6 month commitment, 6 months minimum of sobriety, a job and a sponsor.
  • MEETINGS​: Must attend weekly twelve step meetings.  Use the meeting sheets provided. Also have a sponsor that you speak with daily.
  • CHORES:​  Beds and chores to be done daily, they will be rotated weekly as decided by the members.  Supply money of $5 is also to be collected on a weekly basis at that time.
  • CURFEW​:  Curfew is 3 a.m. seven days a week.
  • PASSES: ​ A total of two (2) overnight passes a week are allowed with a twenty-four (24) verbal notice.  A multi night,  up to seven (7) days may be taken monthly with a three (3) day written notice and $15 pass fee.
  • RENT​:  Deposited Friday in the safe, please use envelopes provided and include your name on the front.
  • GUESTS​:  Lodge residents are allowed only with permission of the member and must be invited.  Sponsors are permitted, but there will be no outside guests allowed.
  • WORK​:  Continued employment, school or volunteer work with a minimum of 30 hours are needed to remain a house member.
  • HOUSE MEETING​:  Mandatory, the last Tuesday of every month.  No exceptions.
  • RELAPSE​: We have zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol and will be asked to leave immediately.  We will help facilitate you to a safe place.
  • You will also continue to breathalyze as well as scheduled and random drug testing.

These rules are guidelines and are in place for your safety and are subject to change.  If you are unclear or do not understand, please ask for assistance.